Application cases of industrial borescope products in clean pipelines

Application cases of industrial borescope products in clean pipelines

At the invitation of the department manager of a pipeline cleaning company, bring relevant technical personnel and equipment to conduct testing exchanges and on-site analysis. The company is a specialized company dedicated to building total solutions for modular factories, smart factories and compliance factories for the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and related industries.

The customer has used a certain industrial borescope brand precedent, which has been damaged due to high frequency use on site. Due to the high maintenance cost and long cycle, the customer hopes to find a cost-effective borescope to replace. Therefore, the customer's engineer has compared the products of several industrial borescope manufacturers successively. Endoscopy products have a more in-depth understanding and on-site effect evaluation.

After communicating and listening to our technical staff's explanation of the product, the BK series industrial borescope was actually operated, and the clarity and other functions of the equipment were affirmed. After detailed communication and understanding, we learned that the customer's needs are as follows:

Customer demands:

1. The definition requirements of industrial borescopes are high, and the requirements are not less than megapixels, which can meet the standards of well-known borescope brands

2. Due to the large amount of shooting, the device needs to have a certain amount of internal storage space, and at the same time, it must be convenient for customers to export files.

Actual testing conditions:

1. 304 stainless steel, welded;

2. The length of the observation section is 6 meters, the entrance of the detection channel is small, the inner cavity is large, and the inner wall is highlighted;

3. The extrusion groove is 7-50mm. It is mainly to check the welding part of the runner, and it is required to clearly observe whether there are quality defects such as welding scars, welding flashes, burrs, corrosion and other parts of the welding part, the runner and the bottom.

 Three, detection difficulties:

1. The detection entrance is small and the cavity space inside is large;

2. There are drug residues in the cavity;

3. The stainless steel cavity is bright, and there is reflection at the welding place

After further communication, we suggest that customers use BK series million high-definition smart products, which can automatically process exposure to solve the reflection phenomenon on the welding surface and increase the brightness.

1. 1,000,000 high-definition pixels, which can satisfy the observation of the cleanliness of the pipeline of the pharmaceutical production line, the defects such as welding scar defects and internal debris of the castings, and the reflection of the runners of the castings are perfectly solved, which can intuitively and clearly judge whether the observation part is qualified or not. Pictures and videos are clear.

2. Built-in 32GF card to prevent data loss, with USB interface, VGA video output point-to-point.

     BK million high-definition intelligent series-industrial video borescope can quickly complete the internal visual inspection of the stainless steel pipe cavity, and meet the customer's requirement that the pipeline must be able to enter the larger cavity through the narrow entrance to complete the inspection. I am very satisfied with this service, the acceptance is completed on site, and it also lays a good foundation for the long-term cooperation between the two parties! At the same time, iborescope is honored to be able to serve the enterprise, and we have learned a lot during this process!



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