Project case of industrial borescope in precision bellows industry

Project case of industrial borescope in precision bellows industry

As an important part of the sensitive and measuring element in the control system of the precision bellows industry (also used as a connection and seal), it can change and shrink itself according to pressure and temperature, with high sealing, adjustable elasticity and flexibility, in automatic control. As a measuring element, sensitive element and compensating element in the mechanical industry such as measuring instruments, it can transport various working media. This product can be used in various application conditions from vacuum to high pressure, from low temperature to high temperature. Products are widely used in aerospace, scientific research, instrumentation, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, textile, pneumatic and other industries.


  A customer company mainly develops and produces bellows elastic components. Due to the relatively high product density, the process quality is very strict. There will be certain small defects in the R&D and production process, such as scratches, pinholes, etc., which cannot be recognized by the naked eye. Customers want to find a cost-effective borescope, and control the production quality through equipment testing.

  Customers can understand the use of industrial endoscopy through online consultation, and can cooperate with customers to do visual inspection and analysis after understanding customer needs. After the customer communicated with the technical director of iborescope to determine the solution in many aspects, the engineer of X Research Institute came to our company with the product, hoping to solve the detection problem.

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     The representatives of the customer are mainly: the technical department, the engineering department, and the person in charge. After our company communicated again and listened to our technical staff's explanation of the product, the relevant responsible personnel of the customer actually operated the BY series industrial borescope, and affirmed the clarity of the equipment and other functions.


     1. 1,000,000 high-definition pixels, which can meet the internal observation of the extruded sheet groove of traffic rail transit, the defects such as welding scar defects and internal debris in the extrusion groove, and the reflection of the extrusion groove wall is perfectly solved, which can intuitively and clearly judge whether the observation part is not. Qualified, photographing, video, archive, picture and video are clear.

     2. It can intelligently edit pictures and mark defects. And customize the picture watermark, which is convenient for later sorting and tracing.

     3. Built-in 64G solid state drive to prevent data loss, and has 2 USB ports, VGA video output point-to-point.

  Through various testing and communication, we finally solved the problem for customers and reached a cooperation agreement. At the same time, we thank customers for their trust and support to our company. It is our mission to solve the needs of customers.



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