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Application of video endoscope in engine stator single-phase ground fault

Application of video endoscope in engine stator single-phase ground fault

Single-phase grounding of generator stator windings is the most common electrical fault in generators. The stator winding refers to the winding installed on the stator, that is, the copper wire wound on the stator.

Winding is a general term for a phase or the entire electromagnetic circuit composed of multiple coils or coil groups. Single-phase grounding is a common fault in power systems, which means that one of the three-phase systems is short-circuited to the ground.

Due to the large size, frequent startup and shutdown of the unit, and difficulty in dissipating heat from the stator winding, the silicon steel sheet of the stator core of the generator is easy to move axially during the process of thermal expansion and contraction, which will scratch the stator bar. Especially for generators with a long operating life, due to the large amount of oil on the surface of the stator, poor heat dissipation conditions, and damage to the insulation of the silicon steel sheet, in the long run, the sliding silicon steel sheet will cut the stator bar, resulting in the single-phase grounding of the stator. Fault.

The gap between the stators of the generator is narrow, and the sliding out of the stator silicon steel sheet is difficult to detect with the naked eye, and the size and speed of the sliding out are also difficult to estimate. Using an industrial endoscope, the slip-out phenomenon of the silicon steel sheet can be found in the narrow gap of the stator and rotor, and its slip-out size and slip-out speed can be estimated.

Using the industrial video endoscope, inspectors can accurately observe the real condition of the inner surface of the object without disassembly and damage to the object under test. The bendable insertion tube can be inspected through curved and narrow areas. It can effectively extend the sight distance and change the direction of sight at will.

The characteristics of industrial video endoscopes make it widely used in aerospace, electrical and petroleum, automobile manufacturing, precision casting and other industries. In the process of product quality control and maintenance, it greatly reduces the workload of inspectors and improves work efficiency.

The single-phase grounding of the stator winding of the generator will cause the capacitive current flowing through the fault point to generate an arc to burn out the stator core, further causing inter-turn short circuit or inter-phase short circuit, and causing more serious damage to the generator. Therefore, video endoscopes are used for prevention. Work is very important, if you have related needs, you can contact us



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